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2012-03-17 03:24 pm


My first dreamwidth post. I was invited by a new LJ friend [Bad username or unknown identity: cmcmck,] which I considered quite kind. I am not posting a lot these days but some of that is because I am busy working on several projects. I am editing a Korean War POW's memoir, which I may publish with my own publishing company. I'm editing a Vietnam POW's story, too. Both for free and for fun, but if I publish them, I may make some money.
i like to help guys who have been through hell. People who have been through hell, too. I have a website, with a lot of recovery suggestions for PTSD, and for becoming nuts while living with it when you don't know what it is, which I did...
i am working on making everything I've written since my book came out in 1990 free online.
I am also trying to become a children's writer, so I joined SCBWI, and have friended a lot of children's writers on LJ. Hope to do so here, too. Any kind of writer actually.